Our Founder

"With God, nothing is impossible, because with God ALL things are possible to them that believe and have faith" is my personal mantra and driving force that affirms the way I live my life.

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About Us

Our Vision

To raise up individuals who are fully complete in who they are in Christ Jesus!

Our Mission

To educate and build up our self-identity and self-esteem through the Word of God. To use the knowledge and revelation we have to rise up and take our places in the seven pillars of society: in the

1) home

2) business

3) education

4) media

5) arts & entertainment

6) government

7) and in the church.

Wherever God has called us to be is where our light is to shine.

Our Motto is from Colossians 2v10

I’m fully complete in Christ Jesus

(who is head over all principalities and power)