It’s Never Too Late!


“I’ve made a mess of my life and I’m at the point of destruction I feel as if it’s too late.”

“It’s too late to make any changes.”

” It’s too late to make amends.”

” It’s too late to do something different.”

” It’s too late to make peace.”

” It’s too late to live the life I want to live.”

Life is never too late as long as you are still breathing. My husband always says in his preaching; “as long as you are still breathing you can still fulfill destiny!”

I truly believe that and wonder why we would allow ourselves and others to tell us that some things are just too late for us.

When is life too late to live? When do we say it’s too late to get married? It’s too late to have children. It’s too late to change careers or start a new business. It’s too late to start all over again because time is not on our side!

Who gets the power to decide when we are too late? Is it the media? Is it another human being? Or is it our own mind speaking from fear?

I believe we can embark on our true lives again and again anytime we choose to, because living a life without purpose is no life at all, and true life really begins when we start to live a purpose filled life whatever age or status we start.

Sometime ago I watched a movie titled ‘The Intern’ about a retired 70-year-old man who was starting a new career and job as an intern working for an online fashion company. The employees within the company were all young including the founder and owner. Despite the challenge of starting all over again and in an industry and environment where he was completely out of his element, this retired intern used his age, wisdom, charm, and sense of humor to help him connect with his youthful co-workers and new boss. For the intern it was not too late to start all over again.

Abraham and Sarah in the book of Genesis in their nineties started the journey of parenthood. God had promised them a child and when they discovered they were having a baby in their old age, the journey of parenthood began. For Abraham and Sarah it was not too late to start all over again.

There is no deadline when we should do what we want in life. There is no deadline that dictates when we should get married or have children, or do something for ourselves. There is no deadline that tells us it’s too late to start living the life we want.

Our age should never be a reason when deciding what we want to do in life. There may certain restrictions that health and society imposes upon us, but if we can find ways around them, then there is no reason we cannot live a full life. As long as we are still breathing even on our death bed we can still live the life we were born to live.

“My times are in your hands” Psalm 31:15

Today whatever your status or place in life, whatever your age or income, whatever your education or race or gender, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

Today start living the life you were born to live. Start moving in the direction God has called you to go. Start and stop hindering yourself—LIFE IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE IT RIGHT.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b

If you don’t live your dreams or purpose, if you don’t achieve your goals, or live the abundant life God has given you, you have no one else to blame but yourself .***

By Dee Adekugbe

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