Live for Today, Not Tomorrow

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If we live one day at a time, we will always give our all and our very best to the day.

If we live in the future, working and focusing on tomorrow, we will never give our all or our very best to today. We will miss out on so much that God blesses us with each new day. Most importantly  we will deny ourselves and others of the joy of enjoying what today has to offer.

It’s time to stop overworking and stressing yourself and start to enjoy life more!
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Let me encourage you to make the most of today.

  1. Love today!

  2. Laugh and be glad today!

  3. Dance today!

  4. Give today!

  5. Don’t save it up for tomorrow, it may never come!

Bible says this is the day the Lord has made!! You have been given the gift of today, MAKE IT COUNT! We are told to rejoice, have fun and be glad and happy today, not burn or overwork ourselves. We are told to live each day as it comes and only focus on one day at a time.

Jesus said I must do the work of Him who has sent me while it is yet day, for the night comes when no man can work. As our mentor and example, Jesus focused on one day at a time and made sure He gave his all for each day.

If we never live to see tomorrow, can we stand before God and say “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race?”

Think about it for a minute. We spend so much time preparing for tomorrow that we miss out on enjoying today and building memories and legacy that will carry us into tomorrow.

Here’s my disclaimer – I’m not saying not to plan for the future and to live a careless life. NO! Just don’t be too caught up in tomorrow that you miss out on today.

So here’s your homework….LOL!

STOP OVER PLANNING AND OVERWORKING YOURSELF FOR TOMORROW and START LIVING TODAY! Start to enjoy the people, surroundings and all the things God has blessed you with. Make sure today you rejoice, dance, laugh and be glad in it.

Until tomorrow comes, Today, I give you the very best of me 🙂


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