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Too often women are associated with weakness rather than strength. Women are no weakling, women are strong. We have several examples of women who demonstrated strength in the Bible; Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth Esther, Ruth…….the list is endless. As a woman, there is a clarion call for you to rise up and take your place.

A woman is a creature of strength, this strength might not necessarily be physical but every woman possesses an inner strength that is deeper than what meets the eye. Are you faced with challenges that seem to weigh you down? Do you feel you have taken enough heat and can no longer bear anymore? We have women mentors all through the Scriptures that went through storms and overcame. Mary the Mother of Jesus got pregnant while still engaged to another man, how was she supposed to explain to the whole world that the pregnancy she carried was from God. No one in history had ever experienced such! Despite all of this, she overcame and is still been celebrated today. Ruth the Moabite was an example of unparalleled strength. After being widowed early in life, she stuck with her mother-in-law and followed God all her days, believing He would provide for her and He did! Woman, you are strong! strength is made perfect in your weaknesses” 2 Corinthians 12v9

It is important however for every woman to learn to draw strength from God; the strength of a godly woman is in God. 2Corithians 12:9 MSG version says, ‘….My grace is enough; it is all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness….’ A strong woman is a woman of prayer. Destinies are brought forth as you pray. As a wife, mother, sister, or daughter, the place of prayer is your place of Strength; learn to draw strength from your secret place. As you go through life, you will be confronted with challenges, refuse to give up, brace up yourself and pray. As you pray, strength will be released to overcome. Have you ever wondered why God placed wombs inside of us and not inside men, it is because He has put in every woman the strength to bring forth!

Despite the fact that women are the ones who get pregnant, bring forth children, and nurture them, a particular study revealed that women outlive men in almost all instances with the life expectancy of women being 83years compared to 79 years for men. How is that even possible despite all that women go through? Woman, you are strong!

Susan Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley had 19 children (only ten out of the nineteen children survived) and raised all our children in the faith; this brings to mind just one word, ‘Strength’. Two of those children grew up to shape the course of Christian history.

You are complete in God, you can handle whatever challenge life throws at you, and you have been designed by God to overcome. Cease to see yourself as a weakling but as a creature of strength that God has designed you to be.

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