Lessons Learnt in Marriage

I’ve been on this marriage journey for over 21 years, and I’ve learnt a  few things on this trip. And I’m still learning, that’s why it’s called a life time journey!

4 Things I’ve learnt on my marriage journey:

1) Marriage is a JOURNEY and like any road trip, no matter how much you prepare, it’s not always going to go that way.

The Bible is your compass, your GPS, your navigator, your Siri, your go to manual for instruction and How-To, NOT Google!

The Bible contains every answer to every question that you will ask, just be prepared for the answer, which sometimes you may not like.

2) Marriage is a TEAM – Bible says can two walk together unless they agree. From your wedding day you are start a new team, so create your own team name, team logo, team motto, team slogan, team vision and team rules. Don’t try to copy another team, stick to your team vision and together you will lose some and win some, but you’ll do it as a team.

3) Marriage is WORK – whatever hours, resources you put into it is what you will be compensated for. Work hard and play hard, the work will reward you with great benefits both physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits.

For every successful person or idea that we enjoy and look up to today, they put in the effort and the work. When others were doing other things, they were developing and finding ways to improve and make their vision a reality. Put in the hours, put in the energy, and do a good job with all your strength, all your might and all your power. Bible says if you do not grow weary in doing good, you will reap the rewards.

4) Marriage has SEASONS- like our weather; marriage has its own seasons. It’s found in Ecclesiastes 3:1-11. Your marriage will be filled with both ups and downs, smooth and bumps, cries and laughter, hate and love, stress and peace. But always remember God makes everything beautiful in its time.

So in conclusion:

Every day is a journey, you’re a team on this journey, work hard as a team and know that everything in your marriage has seasons.

God Bless Your New Team

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