Accidental Entrepreneurs


In this time of uncertainty (lowering oil prices, insurgencies etc.), a lot of people have been forced to relocate from their homes, lost their jobs while some are simply running away from terror. This has created a need to keep afloat and not sink giving rise to the birth of a lot of accidental entrepreneurs.

This reminds me of a story I heard a little while ago. An infamous king had an only daughter and was hopeful of seeing her married to a man capable of handling the affairs of the kingdom. He organized a pool party for all the eligible bachelors in his kingdom and explained his wishes. But there was a task to be performed to prove eligibility. To prove his eligibility, the young man would have to swim in the pool, which had been filled with some ferocious crocodiles! A few minutes of dead silence followed when all of a sudden a man was seen frantically swimming in the pool and later emerge and a few seconds later was out. The King was overjoyed and immediately asked he be attended to and clothed in the royal garments. After all the excitements had fizzled down, the young man was asked to give a speech. He thanked the King for his kindness, thanked his fellow men and also thanked the anonymous person that pushed him into the pool.

Have you been pushed into the pool of entrepreneurship unexpectedly? What are you doing to ensure your business is successful? Do you have an emergency business plan drawn up? Do you have the necessary skills to support your business? Do you need help with your bookkeeping & advisory? Do you need help with your administration & operations? Please ponder on these questions and take the right actions concerning them.

Be passionate, innovative and successful!

We’re here for you!

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