The Power of Knowing God

Sit a moment, take a breather, and just let these truths pour into your being!!!

It is SO wonderful to know God!! I was just pondering that. How, if I wake up feeling “off” or having questions or struggles in my heart, like I did today, I can turn to the Word of God and talk to Him about things and pour out my heart… knowing He loves me so very much… more than anyone!!! It is just the most beautiful thing in the world. It really is.

I am not saying that “instantly” I can get answers… sometimes it DOES actually work that way… but not always. However, I am saying that I can turn to God and see more of His Love for me and the people I love and care about…and then I receive a peace that is so sweet. The kind of peace that envelopes your whole being. Only God can do something like that. It is like a sweetness that pours into you. I guess that is why the Bible compares the Word of God to honey.. 🙂

It is like a peace you get when you look at the beauty still left in the world. When you see a sunset and think “Wow!”. When you are in awe of the majesty of the mountains and see how small you are in comparison… That kind of beauty is the reflection of its Artist, God. It touches you in a way… Creation is speaking… it’s beauty leads you to the Love that created it… for your pleasure. The God that made all the beauty of the Heavens and the Earth for you…. Wow!!!

He is a “Wow!” kind of God! He is so Sweet and Loving and Kind. He never changes and loves you like a Daddy loves His children. When you get to know that, it changes your life…forever. You can go to Him about ANYTHING. Even if it is not pretty. He knows it anyway!!!

So why do I write this? I suppose I just felt inspired to do this.. In a way, it is to thank God publicly for Who He is! I love Him so much…

Another reason is to encourage others…

If this touches YOU in some way… well, that will just make my day!!! And I hope that in some way it will be like giving you a hug to say that Life is a blessing and that you are loved and cared about.

I pray this does touch your heart and I pray that you do feel loved today… and I pray you will just lay down your cares and have a talk with the One who Loves you tremendously. Even if you have to vent out your anger or hurts… He is the best one to give it to. He still loves you the same…

He is so GOOD!!! Well, I have to get going… on with my day…

I hope you remember that you can go to God who does not just cause change.. He causes TRANSFORMATION… He does miracles… even in you. Even in me.

It is all about going to Him. Talking to Him. Spending time with Him.

This is written with love for YOU!!!Why don’t you take a minute and tell Jesus you love Him today! He LOVES that!! He loves you RIGHT NOW! Song of Songs 2:14 says that He loves to see YOUR face and hear YOUR voice! WOW!!!

Written for All Woman by Sharon Arndt, Ontario AB

#God #LoveofGod

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